Seychelles’ Geography


Seychelles is one of the smallest countries in the world, located in the Western Indian Ocean. An archipelago of 115 islands, divided in two groups: the Mahé group of more than 40 central, mountainous granitic islands and a second group of more than 70 outer, flat, coralline islands.

  • Capital: Victoria
  • Region: Africa
  • Area: 452 km²
  • Relief: Mahé group islands: rocky,granitic & Coralline islands: largely waterless, flat with elevated coral reefs
  • Highest point: Morne Seychellois 905 metres, situated on Mahé
  • Climate: tropical oceanic
  • Population: 107,118 (2022)
  • 99% оf the Seychelles population lives in the Mahé group islands
  • In the capital 22, 881 (2022)
  • Density: 216/ km² (2022)
  • Median age: 35.4 (2022)
  • Administrative divisions: 26
  • Currency: Seychelles rupee
  • 1 CHF = 15 SCR (June 2022)

& Climate

Due to its position, south of the Equator, Seychelles enjoys a glorious tropical climate and nearly 12 hours of sunlight. There are no extremes of weather, with year-round temperature between 24°C and 32°C.

North-west trade winds blow between the months of October and March when the sea is generally calm and the weather warm and humid, with average winds of 8-12 knots.

Traditionally, in January and February the islands receive their life-sustaining rains, briefly filling the rivers and streams and teasing the vibrant foliage into rainbows of colour. Although this is recognised as Seychelles’ traditional rainy season, the rains tend to be less heavy than on, for example, the Indian continent, and may indeed, depending on the year, be very light.

Between the months of May and September the south-east trade winds generally bring drier, cooler weather, and more boisterous and agitated seas – particularly on the south-eastern coasts of the islands, along with wind speeds in the region of 10-20 knots.

Being a tropical island, however, means that, normally brief, tropical downpours can occur at any time of the year.

Honorary Consulate of the Republic of Seychelles

in Switzerland

Embassy of the Republic of Seychelles

in Belgium

Office hours : 09h30 - 12h00 Switzerland time (GMT +2) Monday - Friday

+41 41 711 29 00