Entry Requirements

Every passenger willing to enter into the Seychelles must obtain a Travel Authorization.
For further information on any health requirement  prior to visiting Seychelles kindly visit  the Health and Stay conditions’ document below.


Travel advisory for visitors

Seychelles remains open to visitors & has
put in place protocols to ensure safe travel and stay. As visitors enjoy their stay, it is essential that they remain conscious of these measures to keep Seychelles safe.

Seychelles Travel Autorisation

 A Health Travel Authorisation (HTA) is required for every passenger entering Seychelles. Application for the (HTA), must be submitted only on the official government website. Click below to access the application.

Health & Stay conditions

Conditions from the Minsitry of Health, with effect from the 1st December 2022.

Key changes:

Routine requirement for COVID-19 vaccination and test has been removed.


Do I need a pcr test ?

 From the 1st December 2022 routine requirement for COVID-19 vaccination and test has been removed.

Do I need a yellow fever vaccination certificate ?

Yellow Fever Does Not Exist in Seychelles. Yellow fever vaccination is needed if you are traveling to Seychelles from a yellow fever endemic region. If you are transiting through an airport of a yellow fever endemic region for less than 12 hours you do not need yellow fever vaccination. Whenever yellow fever vaccination is required, proof of vaccination will be demanded at the entry point by public health officers.

Do I need a Visa to travel to the Seychelles?

 Travel to the Seychelles is visa-free, irrespective of nationality.*  Instead, a Visitor’s Permit is issued before arrival in Seychelles. It is free of charge and valid for three months for the first three months after which, a fee is applicable for extension.

* Seychelles does not recognize the sovereignty of the following countries: Taiwan, Western Sahara and Kosovo.

Which documents do I need to obtain a Visitor's permit?

 • Valid passport (expiration date must be at least 3 months after departure from the Seychelles);
• Return flight ticket;
• Proof of Valid travel health insurance (via credit, debit card, health insurance LAMAL or others)
• Accommodation bookings must be made at licensed and certified establishment or liveaboards (see the list below).
If you visit a friend or rent an apartment/home you need to provide an invitation.
• Proof of sufficient funds;

Do I need a Covid vaccination pass to travel to the Seychelles ?

Seychelles is open to all visitors irrespective of their vaccination status. 

From the 1st December 2022 routine requirement for COVID-19 vaccination and test has been removed.

Other Conditions of Entry to the Seychelles

Visitors must apply for the Health Travel Authorisation  for entry permission through the electronic form available at: https://seychelles.govtas.com. When in the Seychelles, it is necessary to observe existing health measures – wearing face masks, distancing, washing hands, etc.

Further Information

For further information, click on the links below:

This website serves only for basic orientation. For further information please contact:

Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Tourism of the Republic of Seychelles

+248 428 35 00

The Swiss Federal Department of Foreign Affairs (FDFA)

+41 800 24-7-365 

Honorary Consulate of the Republic of Seychelles

in Switzerland

Embassy of the Republic of Seychelles

in Belgium

Office hours : 09h30 - 12h00 Switzerland time (GMT +2) Monday - Friday

+41 41 711 29 00