On May 26th, representatives from various African countries gathered at the exquisite Tangla Hotel in Brussels to celebrate the 60th anniversary of the African Union and commemorate Africa Day. Among the esteemed attendees was H.E. Mrs Beryl Samson. Mr Jean Pierre Latour, the Consul of the Seychelles in Switzerland was present as well.

A Celebration of African Unity:
The African Union’s 60th anniversary celebration and Africa Day marked a significant milestone in the continent’s journey towards unity, development and peace. It provided an opportunity for African nations to reflect on the progress made, honor the continent’s rich cultural heritage and reaffirm their commitment to addressing common challenges collectively.

The Tangla Hotel Venue:
The choice of the Tangla Hotel in Brussels as the venue for this momentous occasion further accentuated the significance of the event. Known for its luxurious ambiance and impeccable service, the Tangla Hotel provided an elegant backdrop for the celebration, creating an atmosphere of unity and collaboration among African nations.

Diplomatic Relations:
Events like the African Union’s 60th anniversary celebration and Africa Day provide a valuable opportunity for representatives from different countries to strengthen diplomatic relations.



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