On May 26th 2023, an important gathering took place at the esteemed “Président Hotel” in Brussels – the Seychelles Honorary Consuls’ Meeting.

The focus of this meeting was to address the frequently asked questions that consuls receive and to provide responses from the Seychellois authorities. The event, attended by consuls both physically and virtually, was leaded by Her Excellency, Mrs Beryl Samson, the Ambassador of Seychelles in Brussels. This significant meeting, aimed at improving consular services and facilitating effective communication.

In the photo, left to right, Mr Jacques Mortelmans, honorary consul of the Seychelles in Bruxells, Belgium, Her Excellency, Mrs Beryl Samson, the Ambassador of the Seychelles in Brussels, Mr Jean Pierre Latour, Honorary Consul of the Seychelles in Switzerland and Mrs Sonja Udovicic, Seychelles Honorary Consul in Croatia.

 Digital Connections:

In recognition of the changing times, the Seychelles Consuls’ Meeting embraced the power of technology by incorporating online participation. Through virtual platforms, consuls who were unable to attend in person, were able to actively engage in discussions, ensuring a truly inclusive and global approach. This seamless integration of physical and virtual presence exemplified the adaptability and commitment of the Seychelles diplomatic community to connect with consuls worldwide.

Addressing FAQs:

The Seychelles Consuls’ Meeting served as a dedicated forum to tackle the frequently asked questions that consuls encounter in their roles. Consuls from various nations shared their experiences and identified common queries related to travel, tourism, visa regulations, civil status, citizenship and more.

Government Responses:

One of the primary outcomes of the meeting was the commitment of the Seychellois authorities to provide timely and comprehensive responses to the identified FAQs.This proactive approach will ensure that consuls are equipped with accurate information, enabling them to better assist individuals and businesses in their respective countries.

Collaborative Efforts:

The meeting provided a platform for constructive dialogue, enabling consuls to contribute their expertise and offer suggestions on improving consular services. This collaborative effort will lead to enhanced efficiency and better assistance for those seeking information and support.


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